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Tips On How To Deal With Anonymous Comment Spam

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Have you ever experience being flooded with anonymous comments? If yes, then chances are you have been a victim of comment spam. As with everything on the Internet, spam had also evolved. They are no longer limited to email. Today they can infiltrate and cause havoc in your blogs and Web sites, on which you allow user to leave comments. Comment spam is becoming a serious problem nowadays, which needed to be resolved immediate.

Just what are the reasons behind comment spam? Well, it is to increase their, or in the case of those so-called professional spammer their clients’, ranking in search engines. You see today, in ranking pages most search engines consider how many other Websites have linked to it. Thus, by leaving comments on your site the spammers’ sites can achieve a slightly higher search engine ranking.

So what do you do? Well, first things first – do not take it personally. There are two approaches that you can use in order to stop comment spam. The first one is to learn how to tell the difference between spammers and regular users.

Now this would involve require your posters to identify themselves. This would be an extra step included in the commenting process. This is the most popular approach in avoiding comment spam, and has two options.

The first is called the “Turing Test”. The most commonly used is called the Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart or simply CAPTCHA.

It entails adding to your site’s comments area an image that contains a random piece of text. The text must be somewhat mottled or blurred so that a human can read it and is not discernible by a computer. The commenter is asked to copy this text exactly into a form field prior to submitting the form.

This process makes it easy to determine that the commenter is indeed a person, and not a bot. However, you still face the problem of a human being spamming your comments section manually.

Another drawback in this kind of approach is that users are forced to perform an extra step in order to submit comments, which might deter some people. This can be a serious problem, particularly if your website is relatively new and are trying to encourage people to comment.

The second option is to employ User Authentication. Here you will be requiring all users to set up a username and password before they can comment on the site. Once the administrator finds a user spamming the site, then he or she can ban that username or email address.

This approach works in two ways; one is that spammers do not want to be identified and therefore will avoid signing up. Second is that even if they do sign up, they would have to take the time to sign up in order to spam and then be banned immediately.

Although it might sound complicated since it is code-driven, this solution involves a database of users and simplified user management, therefore it will not take too much of your time. However, banning usernames might take some time.

As for the disadvantages, there are some. Again since it requires users to perform numerous extra steps they might be turned off the idea of posting comments. This means bad news, because user comments are quite vital in improving your sites and not to mention the rankings.

One way to get around the hassle is to use cookies to automatically sign in repeat users every time they visit your site. Doing this will save them from filling out login form and can simply start to post. However, this alternative will not ease the initial signup process.

The second approach available is to catch comment spam after it has been added. Catching comment spam will be necessary if you decide not to bother with determining whether or not the one posting a comment is a spammer or a human user. It may also be necessary if you have taken the steps above – some comment spam is almost inevitable.

This approach entails the creation of a check that occurs after the comment is submitted to identify it is spam or a legitimate post. Of course, you can go through posts manually before they’re made live. This way you can check and make sure that they are not spam.

You also have the option to automate the process. All you need to do is create a list of keywords that are common to spam. Then check each post against this list. With this you can then weed out any comments that contain the offending words, such as gambling, poker, meds and so on.

This comparison can be done in numerous ways and at a number of points during comment processing. Most programming languages usually makes it easy to check a string for given keywords. Just make sure that the string’s case is also compared. How do you do this? Easy, just convert the string to lowercase or uppercase before you run the comparison. If you discover that the comment indeed contain the key words, then you can warn the spammer and immediately delete their comment.

What’s great about this approach is that it does not require the person who is posting a comment to take any extra steps. Thus, your comments section remains simple and easy to use that human users will feel encourage to post comments.

However, since some spammer changes the words used by the spam bot your keyword list must also be updated. Another downside here is that this technique will also be difficult to implement if the spammer advertises products that are relevant to your Website. Also, your list of banned words might stop legitimate comments from being posted.

But the good news is that well-designed sites will be able to avoid most spam, since they have taken into consideration the common spamming techniques. Spam will remain to be a persisting problem and it is the site owner’s responsibility to discover more ways to fight them. By continuously monitoring spammer’s changing tactics, site owners will eventually succeed.

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The Online Business Starting Point

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

Most of the people who are interested in starting their own business and opt for online business, do not know where to start. There are many questions related to the starting point in online business. Such questions would be:

-Where do I start looking for an online business idea?
-Where do I start learning about marketing online business?
-Where do I start looking for online advertising media?

Then most people will go for the search engines and start typing in what they are looking for, hoping that they will find something that will suit them. There is nothing wrong with this methodology. The problem here is that in most cases people do not really know what they are looking for.

In this article we will try to give recommendations and guidelines on the things that a person should be looking for when searching for the online business opportunity he/she would be most relaxed with.

In a previous article titled “Choosing An Online Business Is A Tricky Business” we categorized the different types of online businesses a person could be involved in. We will not repeat them but our advice is to begin with one particular type and then move to the other types when the person feels relaxed with the idea on online marketing.

If a person is totally new to the idea of online business he/she should start with an affiliate program. An affiliate program is one that allows you to sell other people’s products and services in return for a commission. Yet a person should not be involved in just any affiliate program. There are special requirements that a person should be looking for in an affiliate program if he/she is still new to the idea of online marketing.

We will look list and explain each one of these suggested requirements:

1-Design and setup your own website: There are a lot of affiliate programs out there that give you an assigned web page that you can promote. Although it is a very good feature that saves you the hassle of building your own web pages, yet it is limited in the ways you will be able to market it as most online marketing media do not accept affiliate pages. Therefore, you will need an affiliate program that incorporates setting up and designing your own website; in addition to advising you on the hosting service provider you should get. “Your own website” means that you should own the domain name. I have written a complete article about the benefits of owning a website with comparative analysis with the option of not having your own website.

2- Provide a systematic training: Most affiliate programs provide you with what they call marketing tools. But if someone is new to the internet and to online marketing, then there is no way that he/she would be able to use those tools effectively. Therefore, the affiliate program that you should be looking for is one that has a systematic and detailed training that can take you by the hand to show you how to promote your business.

3-Systematic and not individualistic support: Most affiliate programs depend on the sponsor support for their team. This system is very weak. This means if the sponsor is away, ill, vacationing or for any reason cannot and would not answer the support questions, the sponsored team is lost and cannot proceed with their business. The affiliate program that you should be looking for must have the following support levels:

a.Sponsor Support
b.High traffic and high quality forum especially dedicated for the particular affiliate program you are thinking of promoting.
c.Help Desk

With this system a person might not even need a sponsor support.

I have heard many recommend having a mentor that will be able to teach all the ins and outs of online marketing. I completely agree with them, but would not include it in the above criteria. The above criteria are recommended so that a person can examine any affiliate program against. Thus, they will facilitate for anyone the decision making process for choosing an affiliate program to work with. Therefore, a mentor is not a must have in affiliate program for the newbie. Still, I would highly recommend searching for and getting a mentor, as a mentor can act in many dimensions especially on the motivational and technical aspects.

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Starting A Work At Home Typing Business On A Shoestring Budget

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

You have decided to start your own work at home typing business. Money is in short supply, so where do you start?

Identify Your Target

The first thing to do is to identify your potential customers. Don’t bother asking big companies for work at home typing, you will be in competition with existing staff and employment agencies. Look around for small businesses, the smaller the better because they won’t have support staff. Pick them out from classified ads in local newspapers, flyers and phone directories. Start with tradesmen such as auto mechanics, carpenters, washing machine repairers, plumbers, electricians, general builders, painters and decorators etc. Avoid any business connected with IT, they are almost certain to be keyboard literate.

Business Cards

Get business cards printed. You can get this done free of charge. Make sure that, in addition to your name and contact details, your card states that you offer a typing service. Get as many free business cards as you can, you will need them to hand out to everyone you meet as well as sending them out with mail shots.


Have flyers printed. Flyers are very useful: they can be posted in locations where local traders will see them, delivered to targeted businesses and used in mail shots. If you want to hand out flyers or put them on windscreens in a car park, make sure you get whatever permission is needed from the land owner before you start.

Classified Ads

Place ads in any local newspapers, trade journals etc. which offer ad spots within your budget.

Free Ads

Many places such as shops, wholesalers, supermarkets and church halls have notice boards where you can place an ad free of charge. Take advantage of this and remember to return regularly to make sure your ad hasn’t been removed or covered over.

Mailing List

Build a database containing the names and addresses of local companies and sole traders.

Brand Yourself

Make yourself a professional looking template with your word processor to use as a letterhead. If you opted for a logo on your business cards, repeat the logo on your business stationery.

Mail Shot

Set up a standard letter to be sent to all the people in your database. The letter should announce the service you are offering and ask the recipient to save your card for future reference. When you get your free business cards, you can do your first mailing shot.


If you are able to target groups of companies in small areas, hand delivery of your letters is feasible but don’t make the mistake of wasting gallons of fuel for the sake of saving a few pennies on postage.

The small traders will mainly fall into one of two categories: either they will have a computer and do their own typing of invoices, estimates etc or their typing work will be done by their wife, girlfriend or mother. Your want to find traders who don’t like doing their own typing work and will be glad of help or whose wife/girlfriend is too busy and wants to get rid of the typing work.

If you get nothing from your first mail shot, don’t despair, repeat it after a couple of weeks or a month. You can alternate between sending a flyer or a letter enclosing a business card. In the meantime, continue to add likely candidates to your mailing list. You need your offer of home typing work to be in the right places at the right times. When the plumber splits up from his girlfriend or the electrician’s wife has a new baby to cope with, make sure they think of your home typing service. One of the best home typing jobs I had was for a local Private Detective. I just happened to be seeking typing at home work when his wife who had done his typing for years decided she’d had enough ot typing reports about adulterous husbands!

If you are lucky, you might hit a candidate for your services with your first shot and be in business practically overnight. It won’t be big business but it will be a start. Give your clients an excellent typing service and chances are they will recommend you to other small traders. Personal recommendation is the most powerful form of advertising anyone could hope for. If you don’t score a hit at the first try, keep repeating the mail shots. Make patience and persistence your watch words and you will succeed.

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Stumbling Blocks On The Road To Internet Business Success

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

One of the most common questions to be raised on forums and message boards around the Internet is about how to succeed online working from home.

Those people who have built successful online businesses will not hesitate to tell you that the Internet is a good thing and the majority of what they say will be positive, even when pointing out the stumbling blocks on the path to success. The reason for this is that many of the most successful Internet marketers sell products specifically for people who want to know how to make money online. Obviously, those entrepreneurs will write with a degree of bias in the positive direction when it comes to describing the potential for success of an online business. So you should be aware of the bias when searching online for information about setting up an Internet business because there can often be an inherent conflict of interest in the things that Internet entrepreneurs tell you.

Have you noticed how you seldom read about how it might be disadvantageous to get involved in an online business? Yet, there are definite disadvantages to starting an online business that anybody who is thinking about working from home on the Internet should take into account. Some of these “stumbling blocks to Internet business success” are discussed below.

First and foremost, there is the distraction factor. More often than not people who set up their own online businesses do so from home. But when you work from home you can find any number of distractions that will take you away from developing your online business. Television is a major culprit here. Next, the kitchen offers many temptations, whether it is taking a coffee break or making a snack instead of keeping your nose to the Internet grindstone. When you work from home, your bed is close to hand and so you may be tempted to lie in of a morning or to take a “quick nap” in the afternoon - you know, one of those “naps” that turns into a four hour sleep-fest! The backyard on a sunny day will also tempt you away from your computer.

All these distractions can cause people to stop concentrating on the many individual jobs that need to be done in order to make progress with an online business. Self-discipline and concentration are the keys to online business success because they are the motors that will drive you on to achieving your immediate and long term Internet business goals.

Offline distractions can be stumbling blocks to success, but actually they are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s be honest about it, a lot of online business work is tedious and repetitive, so it is easy to tire and get distracted. You know how some company employees escape from the tedium of their desk work by taking time out to play computer games? Well, just imagine how much easier it is for you if you are working at home on an online business with no boss breathing down your neck. Without self-discipline and focus, you’d be sunk before you even got started and that is not going to do anyone any good; least of all you.

As well as the distractions I have mentioned, there is also the competitive nature of online business to take into account. If you intend to establish yourself in a particular niche market, it is very likely that are there are already a large bunch of people who got there before you. When it comes to online business, the big guys can crush the small fry a lot easier than traditional offline big businesses can crush small ones. Competitors don’t hesitate to discredit each other and in the end everyone is primarily interested in selling their products to make a profit. The Internet is a cut-throat arena in which to operate and those who aren’t aware of this factor get flattened the fastest.

So, clearly, there are several disadvantages to setting up an online business. But that is not to say that working online cannot be profitable; far from it. The Internet is a great enabler. With self-discipline and focus you will be able to reach people via the Internet that it would have been impossible to reach via traditional marketing methods. Suddenly, much of the world’s population is just a mouse-click away and it is especially for that reason that you need to keep in mind the downside to online business as well as the huge upside potential that is there for those who keep their eyes on the ball and know how to negotiate those stumbling blocks to success.

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The Biggest Mistakes People Make In Growing Their Business

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

On Yom Kippur, Jews pray their way through several different catalogs of sins, asking for forgiveness for long lists of human failings. The mistakes I’m talking about here don’t necessarily have any spiritual significance, they simply have the capacity to stall or even shut down a business. The following are ones I have personally seen in action; perhaps knowing about them can help you avoid their calamitous consequences.

1. Going after the trappings rather than the essence of business. In my one very mistaken attempt at a business partnership, a big source of friction was my partner’s delight in meetings that, to me, accomplished little or nothing. She equally couldn’t understand why I took no pleasure in sitting around a conference table going down an agenda of to-do’s that we’d already discussed. “Haven’t you always wanted to have a business?” she retorted once when I objected.

We spent too much time on unproductive tasks. I’ve seen others devote so much fuss to their logo, office decor, computer setup or long-range strategy that they don’t have energy left over to deal with finding and keeping clients. Concentrate on core business tasks.

2. Relying too much on one client. You’re asking for trouble if more than 40% of your business comes from one source. Yes, it’s tempting to enjoy the easy pickings of a client who wants to use you more and more and more. However, I’ve had several clients show up at my door having to rebuild their businesses after their too-big client retrenched, refocused or decided it no longer suited them to use you. Foster your economic security by serving a variety of clients who couldn’t all go bust at once.

3. Not keeping an eye on the long term. For about a year and a half during the Internet boom, I had a lucrative contract with a dot-com company that tried to hire me full-time, offering to match whatever I was making on my own. I refused, because it would have meant ditching the momentum I’d built up on the Internet and elsewhere.

I saw business owners give in to the siren call of “money now” and either as employee or entrepreneur place all their bets on a new venture that imploded within two years. Having sold off or let go of their previous successes, they had to start again from scratch. Forgoing some quick opportunities now for sustainability in the long run was a smart move, I believe.

4. Sticking with low-profit “sure things” for too long. When some activity reliably brings in business, it’s difficult to let it go, even when it takes much too much effort for its financial return. From 1988 to 2001, one-shot adult education seminars in Cambridge, Boston, Providence and elsewhere were a vital feeder for me, bringing me clients who needed help with their writing projects. But each seminar meant driving through rush hour traffic, parking, getting home late, making less than $10 an hour when considering the total time spent, all to acquire clients who paid me much less than those who needed marketing help.

I should have quit doing these seminars several years before I finally did and invested the energy elsewhere. At least once a year, think about what you’re doing, and drop activities that are not worth the time or hassle.

5. Ignoring collections. A friend who’d worked as a bookkeeper told me about a client of hers who had rarely sent out bills because it was boring to do so, compared with the everyday social dealings he enjoyed in his business. No wonder he had a problem with cash flow! Judging from the number of very late bills I receive from solo business owners, this must be a common habit.

Understand that you’re not simply delaying payment when you neglect to bill in a timely manner and when you don’t aggressively and quickly go after non-payers. You’re actually jeopardizing your income, because the longer the time goes before someone is asked to pay for a service or product they received, the less likely you are to get that money at all. According to the American Collectors Association, once four months have gone by, you’re only about 80 percent likely to get paid. After six months, only 67 percent of collections ever get cleared. Send those bills out on time!

6. Getting discouraged. One of the most helpful books I’ve ever read is “Mastery” by George Leonard, a pioneer in the human potential movement and a teacher of aikido, a martial art. He explains the normal learning curve for any kind of human endeavor, whether learning a language, a musical instrument, a physical skill or the process of building a business.

The normal learning curve includes a stage called “plateau,” where progress seems to cease and there may even be some backsliding, even though the effort put in stays the same. Yet the plateau stage is often followed by a sudden spurt forward, as long as the person keeps at it. Keeping at it in the absence of visible results does not sound like an important success skill, but often that’s the ingredient that separates those who make it from the quitters who give up right before their efforts are about to pay off.

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The Best Business Online

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

We often receive e-mails about the best business online ever created and if we don’t seize the opportunity right away we are basically not worth to be in the industry. Therefore, every single opportunity that we receive is the best business online. Many of us have actually believed such claims and tried some of these so called opportunities. If we want to look at the bright side we would say that the lost money is the price we are paying to gain more experience. Some would say that those claims were just hype.

The question that forces itself to be asked here would be; is there such a thing called the best business online? If so, what are the criteria that would make a business better than another, and therefore, what makes a business to be the best business online?

All questions will have to be answered only if the answer to the first question was positive. If the answer to the first question was negative then we don’t need to bother about answering the remaining questions.

In short, I don’t believe that there is such a thing as the best business online. Let’s take a look at the offline marketplace. A good business idea depends on factors such as competition in the industry in question, market size…etc. But we don’t see a huge industry in the offline marketplace that basically concentrates on building a downline. The offline marketplace concentrates on producing and selling products and services.

Business Online went astray from the concept and concentrated on building organizations of marketers without paying any attention to products and services. It went to the point that people are paying money for absolutely nothing. Business online should get back to the main track of producing and selling.

The beautiful thing about establishing a business online, is that you can create any business you want either with your own products/services or other people’s. The trick in online business is visibility and how to make your target market find you without you having to spend a fortune. This is of course the quest of every person who has a business online, but it is not the purpose of this article.

Therefore, similar to the fact that the best business offline does not exist, the best business online is a myth. It is an illusion that will lead any one who is interested in creating a business online to fail before even starting.

All that has been said about the best business online should not be confused with business opportunities that exist in the online marketplace. Similar to the offline marketplace, the online marketplace is full of opportunities. The purpose of this article is to show that there is nothing called “The best business online,” but it will be a huge mistake to interpret this article as trying to show that there are no opportunities in the online business marketplace. There are actually sites dedicated to helping people find the best business online that would suit their skills, needs, interests.

What we are trying to show in this article that there is no such thing as the best business online in absolute terms. Such a term is only used for hype and has no real substance in it. Therefore, so as to have an objective eye when studying opportunities online, try to classify those opportunities in the following manner:

1 - A hyped message with a hyped opportunity
2 - A hyped message with a sound opportunity
3 - A sound message with hyped opportunity
4 - A sound message with a sound opportunity

It is obvious that the advice would be not to even consider the first type. The second type is very tricky as you need to strip all the hype from the message to realize that the copywriter made a huge mistake by hyping the message while the opportunity is solid enough to sell itself.

The third business online type is also tricky, usually it is marketed by someone new in the online business, who is genuine but believed the hyped claims of the first type and now he/she is trying to market it.

The fourth is a business that we should consider seriously. I said consider and not jump into it because we need to study if it suits our skills, needs, aspirations, interests…etc.

Finally, the best business online does not exist in absolute terms. It becomes as such only if it fits you and you were able to reap its benefits because you have the skills to do so.

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Starting An Online Internet Business - 7 Tips To Make It Easier

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

For several years I did research online to find the real internet “gurus” to learn how to start an online business. After finding all the scams, my head began to hurt. Luckily, I did not fall for any of them. Finally, I stumbled across some legitimate resources and the pain subsided. The information I found lead to more information which lead to even more information. Obviously, my head began to hurt again. I was suffering from information overload! Everything that I saw I had to learn about. The problem was, I was trying to learn too many things at once.

There are many ways to earn money online. Among the most popular are online stores, affiliate marketing, internet auctions and selling information products or e-books. I have subscribed to newsletters, read e-books and even listened to tele-seminars to learn about all of these and more. In the process of learning, guess what happened? I was reading about the success of others and becoming very frustrated with my lack of success. I have learned some lessons along the way. Here are some tips, I hope you will find helpful:

1. Learn one thing at a time! Interested in selling products on an online auction? Learn about that first! If you do not know where to start, go to the auction website. There are tutorials that are broken down into simple steps to help you. They want you to be successful. After all, if you make money, they make money!

2. Find something that interests you and sell it. It’s not a good idea to try and make money doing something that you hate. You won’t be successful. If you are not a fan of movies, selling dvds is probably not a good idea.

3. Start a business that you can afford. Is money tight? There are ways to start a business with very little money. Later you will be able to invest more. Need $50 for an e-book you have been dying to buy? I used to give up things that I didn’t need like the impulse items at the store checkout line to save money to buy resources. Read about the resources before you buy them. Look up the titles on the search engines and get some feedback. Also, a money-back guarantee is a huge plus! You cannot afford to waste money on information that is not helpful. Never ask someone for your money back for information that you have found to be well worth it. They may be a great contact or resource to help you make more money later! Besides, do unto others!

4. Set realistic goals that are well defined. Keep it simple, especially if you are just starting out. For example, you could set a goal of seven days to sign up for an account on an online auction site and find three things in your own home to sell just to learn how the process works. For a long time, I had so many broad, complicated goals that I could not reach them. I may as well have had no goals at all.

5. Have a positive mindset! If you think you are going to fail, most likely you will. Avoid listening to others who tell you that you can’t do it. Talk with others about your business who are positive. Believe me, it really helps! One day I made the statement to a co-worker that I was going to make a living online one day. She told me that she knew I would too because I wanted it so much. Her reassurance helped to motivate me even more. A positive attitude can be very contagious!

6. It is not easy! If you are looking to get rich quick, good luck! You will read about people who have made a lot of money quickly online, but not without effort. Yes, there are some who, if they went bankrupt today, could be fairly wealthy soon. However, most of these people are experienced online entrepreneurs. What I have found is that if you enjoy what you are doing, it will become easier.

7. Take action! One of the biggest mistakes that I made was doing so much research, that is all I was doing. The funny thing is, most of the information I read told me to take action but I didn’t listen. I had a million reasons why I couldn’t just go ahead and start making money online. I didn’t know enough yet or I had not saved enough money. I learned the most by actually doing what I had only been dreaming about before.

By following these tips, I know you will find success online even if you just want to earn some extra money. If you make some mistakes, and you probably will, learn from them and use it as a tool to become more successful.

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The Law Of Attraction And

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Is it any surprise that the most successful internet marketers, authors, philosophers, and entrepreneurs talk quite emphatically about the Law of Attraction? Personally, I don’t think so. The basic definition of the law of attraction is “like attracts like.” Another way to describe it would be to say “thoughts become things.” Everything starts with a thought. Even if the law of attraction is too far out of your spiritual comfort zone, you have to admit that nothing comes about until someone initially thinks about it. For anything to be brought forth into your life you must first think about it.

It’s amazing how many people go through life on auto pilot. They wake up, go to work, come home, watch TV and go to bed, only to repeat this sad scenario all over again the next day. There is no thought as to what they want out of life. Sure, there my be a fleeting thought of “this can’t be all there is to life.” But before any real change in awareness can bloom, the responsibilities of life choke out those thoughts and their dreary existence begins anew.

On the other hand there are those that think too much about what they do not want in their lives. They live a life of broken dreams, physical infirmity and debt because those are the things they put the most thought and the most feeling into. They dwell on these negative aspects of their lives and wonder why these aspects keep showing up. They blame society, their parents or whatever else when in actuality, their reality can be changed by a simple shift in awareness. They can regain control of their lives if only they are willing to take responsibility for it.

The Law of Attraction is nothing new to most people. It’s just that most people aren’t used to calling it that. It takes all of those lessons you learned in church about having faith and including not only your immortal soul into that equation, but your physical life as well. It isn’t merely a “positive thinking” method, although that’s a part of it. It isn’t a “woo woo” mumbo jumbo far out theory either. Just like how the Law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but is transferred from one form to another, The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like.” It’s just a simple fact that “like” thoughts, actions and feelings attract more of the same. It is a holistic approach to getting the things out of life that you want more of and changing your thoughts and awareness in order to attract those things to you.

Okay, by now, you’re probably wondering how this ties in with starting an online business. It should be obvious. Starting any endeavor takes thought. And if you can visualize being successful, you set yourself up for success. Make an effort to bring about positive visualization. It begins with being clear about what you want. Just as proper focus on tasks helps your business, proper focus on your thoughts helps bring your mental visualization into physical manifestation!

A good way to embrace the power of visualization is to write it down. I don’t mean a simple list of your goals. What I mean is to write a story. Write about the type of lifestyle your online business will afford you. Just write a descriptive story about a typical day, living the life you want because of the success of your online business. Be specific, write about the things you do, the house you live in. Really take your time and think about how you will feel. Take it in, generate these feelings in your mind. And write the story in the present tense. It may feel a bit awkward at first, but when you think about the things you want in the present tense and start feeling the gratitude for being in that state now, it places you in the correct emotional state to bring your desires to fruition.

Just think about this: all you have to do is think about something you want, place the correct focus on it, feel good about having it now and it will come. Don’t doubt and don’t think it’s an “easy answer” (because it’s a lot easier said than done, trust me) and believe that you deserve to be happy. I know that there are many who immediately dismiss the Law of Attraction because they look at it as an easy answer, a cosmic “get rich quick” scheme. But it is really about happiness. It’s all about adjusting your thoughts to attract good feelings and things that make you feel good.

In any endeavor, make an effort to adjust your thinking in order to achieve your goals. Call it what you want, faith, self confidence, blessings, etc. But the actions you take are the same. Ask, Believe, Receive!

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Starting A Business Online: The 6 Essentials Every Internet Business Owner Must Possess

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Starting a business online is easy. Just buy a package or sign up for a prepacked system and you can be an internet billionaire next month with nothing to do but run to the bank and cash your checks.

I do not know why people who are normally full of common-sense and who are wary of hyped-up sales pitches fall for these online hucksters. The old adage states: “If it looks too good to be true it probably is” holds even more true for internet get-rich-quick schemes than anything else.

The truth is that there is a lot of money to be made on the internet and that will continue to hold true for many years to come. The opportunity to become an internet millionaire or billionaire has not passed you by. BUT no one got rich overnight on the internet and no one got rich without doing some work.

There are many different methods and formulas for making money on the internet and there are even more ways to lose money on the internet, but before you spend a lot of your money take time to study and learn so you can better judge those opportunities that come your way.

All you need to really start your own business online are these six qualities:

Time is the most important ingredient for your success. If you are looking to get rich quick or for overnight success then starting a business from scratch is not the way to go. Once you know what you are doing then you can often leverage your existing customer base or traffic into a quick income whenever you choose but it takes time to build something of worth. It will take months before your new web site or blog is even listed in most search engines and likely it will take you longer to build up a list of interested potential customers. Money and knowledge can cut down the wait time but remember it will take time to build up your knowledge.

Money is the second most important ingredient for your internet business success. While you do not need a big budget and I offer a free tutorial about how to start an internet business on a shoestring (see end of article), you will need some money to get started effectively.

Patience is another key ingredient for business success. As I mentioned before, it takes time to learn what you need to know (and after seven years in this business there is still a lot I have to learn) and then it takes time to put those strategies into effect. Even more than that, it takes time for your new strategies to begin to work for you. While most of us come to expect immediate results on the internet it does take time for search engines and visitors alike to notice when you make a change to a web site or blog. Many internet entrepreneurs lose patience just when they are on the cusp of success. Most people who fail at an internet business simply did not possess enough time and patience. Most people who succeed at online business did so by sticking it out.

Passion is an often overlooked element of success. One of the ways people work through the early learning and tough times is that they are passionate about their business. This is why so many gurus suggest you start with a niche that already interests you. Not only do you not have as much to learn about that area but you will be able to be real when you begin promoting your business. You do not have to fake your enthusiasm and passion will carry you far.

Creativity is another must-have for the budding entrepreneur. Think outside the box and beyond what is immediately available in your niche. Creativity can help you start, build, grow and promote your business in terms of products and publicity and partners.

Finally, you quite simply need brainpower. You do not need to be the sharpest crayon in the box but you do need to be open to new ideas and willing (in fact eager) to learn. Never assume you know everything or that you cannot learn. Once you fall into either of those traps you are doomed.

If you possess these six key qualities: time, money (just a little), patience, passion, creativity, and brainpower then you can make a success of an internet business.

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My Progress Report On Starting A Home Business

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Summary: The tale told by one person who made the rash decision to leap into a new Internet Home Business as a complete Newbie. It highlights the struggles to survive the learning curve and remain sane to hopefully, one day, make some money.

Having battled through the Newbie tag, I have reached a new phase of my burgeoning Home Business. My computer desktop is now crowded with e-books and my dining table, chairs, and couches are littered with printed books and tutorials of what, I don’t know!

Do I need all this stuff? I don’t know, that’s why it’s all still there, It may be very important, or not. Do I want it? Well, you never know. As you can clearly see, I have graduated from the Newbie status to what I would call the frightening ‘Brain Freeze’ that’s when you tell yourself; ‘it is far better not to know right now, because I’m too busy and confused to handle it anyway’.

This stage is a time when you are no longer sure which memberships you have, or need, or want. You are not even sure what most of them can do for you, or what they cost you, if anything. You just don’t have the time or the will to find out.

I’m sure somewhere on my desk, amongst the hundreds of reminder notes I foolishly wrote to myself during the last couple of months, is at least one which will explain this chaos and gently guide me towards a simple resolution. I think this is a plan. I’ll look for such a note just as soon as I can spare the time.

At this point, it would be fair to say that I have no idea if I have made any money. That is because, I have not yet had time to find out how to determine that and that is because I am either stressed out doing battle with Google to approve some ads, or, I’m bogged down learning the newest ‘big thing’, or I am half way through writing an article for my website so I can finally have some free time to finish another installment on my Blog, etc.

Of course, I am also stressing about the lack of available seating in my home, in case I should receive unexpected visitors. That would be those people I used to know before establishing occupancy in Cyberspace.

If you are like me, you have been doing more studying in the last 6-8 weeks than you did during your entire time in high school and you are now forced to sacrifice your social life just to keep some sane working hours.

Who was it that said this will be soooo easy. Words like ‘everything is on automatic’, ‘It can be done in less than an hour each day’ ‘It doesn’t require you to learn anything’ ‘Even a child can do it’ ‘It only takes 5 minutes’ They are all lying, they have to, if they told the truth only extreme masochists and deranged computer nerds would ever take on an internet business.

Clearly, it’s not automatic and yes, it’s going to take a lot more than an hour a day and it most certainly will require you to learn a lot of new stuff about doing business online in general and creating your own home business in particular. But just because we have come to terms with that, it doesn’t mean we should forgive these self proclaimed ‘experts’.

Of course it’s not automatic and yes, it’s going to take a lot more than an hour a day and it most certainly will require you to learn a lot of new stuff about doing business online in general and creating your own home business in particular. But just because you have come to terms with that, it doesn’t mean you should excuse these self proclaimed ‘experts’. Frankly, there are times when you’ll just want to pick up an e-book and hit somebody

Now, of course, I am waiting for phase three, I expect that will be about the time I get my home back to normal, my brain freeze thaws out and my friends are once again willing to talk to me. Just, finally, knowing what it is I am actually doing will be an amazing revelation in itself.

The only thing I am certain about, right now, is that sometime in the future, I will have a functioning, profitable Internet Home Business, whatever that is. You can check out my website at http://www.plotkin-enterprises.com, to see how I am doing. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted.

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