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PX90 Review Does PX 90 Deliver As Promised?

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

As a fitness pro I’m always communicating with contacts and others out there to see what they are doing for fat burning diets. I’ve seen the PX90 advertised on tv and the net but recently had a friend that tried it write up a review for the program. My Friend Gary Stuart recently put it to the test and here’s what he had to claim concerning it -

PX90 Review
As someone who has been a lifelong athlete, I was always under the idea that I could eat whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I lived the typical college lifestyle, and when college ended, the life-style remained. Then one day, a family member made a comment about how I was getting a belly and my face was rounding out. I then realized that it absolutely was time for a change. It was time to get back to the gym. But ,, I lacked the motivation to keep myself going back. Even paying for a membership did not help. I was wasting cash on an unused membership and was starting to get a very negative outlook on things.

One day at work, 1 of my colleagues mentioned to me that he was going to start a recent workout regime known as P90X. I had never heard of it and figured it was worth doing some research and finding out precisely what P90X was. I then realized that it had been a home workout program and almost laughed out loud. However, with having someone who was in nice shape recommending it, I set to give it a shot.

After the first thirty days of following the diet (which at a 2400 calorie intake seemed like a whole lot) and workout regime, I realized a small change in my overall appearance, but not as much as I would have liked. I jumped back on the message boards and found out that many people do not make it past the first initial days for this exact reason. After reading that, I realized that I did not want to return to my old self. I wanted to stay motivated plus be 1 of the people who saw this thing all the way through.

The second section was when I started to find the major differences, as did those who hadn’t seen me. I lost a lot of the weight out of my face, and I didn’t have that belly that was mentioned to me six months earlier. At that point I was fully motivated to see this thing all the way through.

Now, here I am after finishing the whole P90X program. I am about thirty lbs lighter than when I started. I have made subtle changes that have made all the difference in the world. Wheat pasta and bread vs. white, skim milk, nonfat cheese, nonfat salad dressing, etc. I love everything about it. It is so much easier to return home, change and just pop in that video. There’s no traveling to a crowded sports club and having to wait to use equipment. I’d absolutely suggest this program to ANYONE shopping for a Lifestyle Fitness Solution. Simply remember, the most important part is sticking to that diet, and to not get discouraged. Several of us have abused our bodies for years. Asking for a complete transformation in thirty days is a bit much, but see it all the way through, and you may realize what I did. P90X is more than a workout and nutrition program, it’s a lifestyle change.


From Gary’s honest review of the program I would have to say that this program is 1 that I could recommend if you have got some weight equipment at home or are willing to invest in some. It’s great to see successful story and I hope this motivates you to take on your own loss of fat challenge!

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