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Weight Loss - Which Is Better, High Or Low Intensity Exercises?

Monday, August 24th, 2009

Copyright 2006 Eva Moffat

High Intensity Exercise or Low Intensity Exercise, which will help you lose weight quicker?

Let us first talk about what is Low Intensity Exercise and what would be considered High Intensity.

A brisk walk comes under the category of Low Intensity Exercise, while a run would be considered High Intensity; this is when your heart beats faster.

During High Intensive exercise, your body burns Glycogen. Glycogen is a substance that is made up of carbohydrates and is stored in your liver and muscles. So when you need a burst of energy the Glycogen will be converted to energy and is readily available.

Some Scientists reported that you could burn body fat by doing Low Intensive exercise. So immediately, people changed their exercise routine and started doing Low Intensive exercises.

But the Low Intensive exercises are apparently not working too well, you just have to look around you at the still overweight people who despite doing their exercises regularly are not losing weight. Why is this?

Let’s look at the facts as we know them:

What Is The Difference Between Burning Body Fat and Burning Calories?

The Scientists realised that during Low Intensity Exercise such as walking or a leisurely swim, the body burns more fat.

They also found that although a Low Intensity Exercise may help you lose weight, doing High Intensity Exercises helped build muscles. Often when on a slimming diet, you will not seem to be losing weight; this is because you are building muscles instead.

People are inclined to mistake muscles for fat yet this is not true. I’m not talking about bulging biceps but muscles when well toned help keep the body working efficiently. So a muscular body could be a sign of good health.

However, when running you would be burning more Calories. It is good to burn calories. When you eat, you are taking into your body calories. Therefore to lose weight you must burn more calories per day than you take in with your food.

So if you do Low Intensity Exercises, that will burn body fat, after you have finished exercising and cooled down, that will be it. In other words no further benefit to you.

If you compare this to doing High Intensity Exercises, you will burn Calories and increase your metabolism. Even after you have finished with your workout, you will still be losing body fat for hours afterwards.

We talked about Glycogen earlier; when you exercise you use up some of your Glycogen stores. This means that to top up your Glycogen stores, when you eat the Carbohydrates will be converted to Glycogen instead of Body Fat.

How To Get The Best of Both Worlds

Low Intensity Exercise or High Intensity Exercise, both have advantages. But people on Low Intensity Exercises are inclined to NOT lose weight or go on to yo-yo dieting, when your weight will go up and down, hence the term yo-yo dieting.

Why not do both High and Low Intensity Exercises at the same time?

You could start off by taking a brisk walk for say 5 minutes, this is the Low Intensive Exercise, then run for 5 minutes, and this is the High Intensive Exercise. When you are breathless and your heart is pumping, slow down and start walking briskly again. This is called Interval Training. So if you keep alternately walking and running for a minute at a time, you will be doing yourself and your body a great deal of good.

Do this Interval Training 5 times a week and you will soon see your body becoming lean and mean, with an improvement to the whole of your health.

Just to reminisce, my friend and I when we were late getting back to school would do this walk / run regime and it was amazing how quickly we reached school. But we didn’t know 55 years ago that it had a fancy title of ‘Interval Training’.

If you want to lose weight, try alternating High Intensive Exercise with Low Intense Exercise. You will soon be losing weight and feeling great.

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Weight Loss For Couch Potatoes - Don’t Get Up, I’ll Explain…

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

*** You’re fat and you know it! Now I’m going to tell you something you don’t already know.

You think you already know why you’re fat but you don’t. You think it’s because you just don’t have enough time and motivation to exercise. You think it’s because you love food and don’t quite have enough willpower to cut back sufficiently. You don’t have a clue!

The real reason you’re gaining weight is going to shock you: it’s because you have the mind of a well-trained athlete. Don’t laugh quite yet. Have you ever noticed how fast athletes gain weight when they retire from competition? It’s freakish. The same reason that athletes are good at sports later causes them to bloat — they have especially “trainable” subconscious minds. If you understand the mechanism then you can learn to control your weight without diet, suffering or an inhuman exercise schedule.

*** Weight Loss and your Athletic Mind

Before I continue, I should say that it is true: the immediate cause of weight-gain is what you eat and how you live. I’m not preaching any pseudo-science here. However, controlling what you eat and how you live is elusively difficult and I will show you why. If you think you can change your behavior pattern with sheer willpower — then you just haven’t really tried yet.

Sure, you and I pride ourselves in being rational adults, in control of our choices and our destiny. But that’s just a load of crap. In truth, we rarely ever do anything that brings us discomfort in the short run. You think otherwise? Go take a straight-cold shower just to prove who is in control. Go without solid food for two days. It won’t hurt you, but it will make your body angry. And the fact of the matter is that we are usually slaves to response patterns established by our bodies. Sorry but it’s true.

*** The Key to Controlling your Body is to Control Your Mind

Training your body is all about training your mind. We’re not talking calculus here, we’re talking about your sub-conscious mind — where deep emotions, established patterns, habit and instant responses live. You are a trinity of sorts, 1) a lazy body, 2) a clever and fickle conscious mind and 3) a lumbering but steady subconscious that does most of the work around here.

You probably know already that the subconscious mind provides emotional responses to reinforce “good” behavior (like eating pizza) — but what you might not know is that the subconscious is also responsible for all athletic ability. Even the simple stuff like walking or typing is a constant interaction of conscious commands and unconscious responses. For example, when you learn to shoot a basketball, what you are actually doing is using the conscious mind to burn in a pattern which develops into a subconscious skill-set. When you’ve truly mastered a move, you “no longer have to think about it”. If you’re still thinking about the mechanics of a dance step — it’s a sign that you have not “learned it” yet. That is, your subconscious cannot yet take over. Once you have “learned” the skill, your conscious mind need only call out the command and the subconscious does the action.

To better understand your psychology, let’s liken your mind to a couple animals: imagine a Chimp riding on the back of an Elephant. The subconscious mind is like a slow dumb strong elephant while your conscious mind is like the clever fast chimp.

Chimp (conscious mind)
Thinks he’s in control

Elephant (subconscious)
Not creative
Slow learner with a vast memory
Awesome reflexes (ok so the metaphor’s not perfect)
Usually in control

*** The Willpower Myth

The nice thing about this little metaphor is that it allows me to point out the absurdity of the whole concept of “willpower” in the sense of the conscious mind overwhelming the subconscious with a show of brute force. Seriously, just imagine the chimp wresting the elephant. Where’s the “brute force” of the chimp? The elephant’s just going to sit on him and the game is over. That, by the way, is exactly where every diet ends when supported by willpower alone. The subconscious is a powerful part of your mind. You can control it through persuasion but not with brute force.

*** The Elephant, the Stick and the String

In Indonesia, elephants are used in construction work because they are so powerful and yet obedient. All day long the elephant moves hundreds of tons of stone and wood and at night he taken to his bed of straw and tied up. Do you know how big the rope is required to hold an elephant? It’s just a little string tied to a stick driven into the ground.

You see, when the elephant was very young, he was tied with the same stick and string — and he was too little to pull free. For the rest of his life, he remembers this and never questions the superior strength of the little stick and string. Think about it.

What are you really capable of? To be blunt, you have no idea. Your limitations are defined by childhood experience — and bear no relation to your adult capabilities. Like the elephant, you are emotionally tethered by childhood ideas. Most of your adult personality is just a protective cage built by a scared child. What would you give to have the power to redefine yourself?

Now for the good news: you’re not just an elephant, you’re also part chimp! That could have sounded better but never mind. Your mind has a small, clever, conscious aspect that gives you the ability to reprogram your entire mind. That’s right, your conscious mind (the chimp) has the ability to completely re-write and take control of your entire mental reality.

This ability defines humans — it makes us the most flexible animals on earth and it allows us to train our minds to do amazing things. From playing concert piano to extreme sports, the vast power of the mind is tapped by this uniquely human capability.

*** Ok, so what does all this have to do with weight loss?

Remember, the elephant learns and repeats patters of behavior that are taught to it — so the real question is “how to teach the subconscious”. Here’s the simple single trick that people need to understand. If you understand this simple principle then you can be the master of your own mind. You will also understand why our educational system doesn’t work (but that’s another article entirely).

Our subconscious mind ignores most of what we tell it because we bark at it in the wrong language. The language of the subconscious mind is EMOTION. Using the barometer of our emotion, the subconscious mind is able to determine the importance of any particular behavior. For example, say that you’re trying to learn a new skill. You’re working hard to learn but you are not enjoying the task and your emotions are saying “this sucks, I wish I were elsewhere, how much longer is this going to take?” Well, it’s going to take a lot longer because you’re broadcasting to your subconscious mind the message “ignore this activity, just move along, there’s nothing to see here.” What was your emotional state, and how easily did you learn in high school?

It may not feel like it but you’re in full control of your conscious emotions. And this is the fundamental method of programming the subconscious mind. It is, without a doubt, a form of natural hypnosis. Whereas traditional hypnosis works by moving aside the conscious mind, emotional programming works by using the conscious mind - but to the same effect.

Now for the dark side: remember how I mentioned that have three aspects? Body, conscious and subconscious? Well, as it turns out, your body is busy programming your subconscious mind all the time. For example, you’re hungry so you bite into a slice of thick cheesy pizza — at which point your body screams out (on an emotional level) “this is good activity, very very good activity”. Food cravings are actually subconscious patterns based on years of such programming.

*** Thankfully, the mind is fully re-programmable.

Now that you understand the basic mechanics of programming your mind, you can put it into practice right away. What you are going to do is to replace food cravings with exercise cravings. This technique is fun and very powerful because, rather than working against years of food programming, you’re going to do some mental Ju-Jitsu and simply translate an existing food craving into a desire for exercise. Magic? It’s better!

It’s quite simple: first of all you’re going to stop eating for a while (non-sugared drinks are ok). This is not a diet plan, we’re not yet trying to lose weight. We’re just trying to stimulate a hunger response. Now, when you begin to feel the initial sense of hunger, do this:

Breathe in deeply, relax, and feel the hunger — then don’t think of food. Instead, imagine yourself doing sit-ups and absolutely loving it. That’s right, visualize yourself hungry and doing sit-ups and let a feeling of joy and satisfaction flood over you. Then return to whatever you were doing.

In a few minutes, when the next pang of hunger comes, repeat this mental exercise. Keep it up for an hour or so and then go have a light snack. While you are eating (especially while you are eating) visualize yourself doing sit-ups and loving it. Associate in your imagination hunger, food, situps and joy.

*** Hunger, Food, Sit-ups and Joy? He’s Crazy

Perhaps, but what you are doing is linking a desirable behavior to a very well established response pattern. You will be amazed at how you can use this technique to stimulate a deep urge to do sit-ups. The mind is truly amazing.

By the way, after a few days go ahead and give into the urge to do some sit-ups. As you exercise, make sure to continue the emotional feedback by “letting” yourself enjoy exercise. If you feel yourself not enjoying the process, take control of your emotions right away or stop exercising. It’s not worth sabotaging your work to burn a few extra calories.

Don’t push your body, push your mind! Your mind is the only gymnasium that really matters. Eventually, your mind will push your body and you will be able to enjoy the process.

I remember several years ago when I first experimented with this technique. As I started craving situps, I realized that doing situps would physically relieve any sense of hunger for an hour or so. I thought I had stumbled upon the strangest diet plan ever, the “silly, happy, situp diet”. But really, what I had discovered was the ability to consciously sublimate deep cravings to accomplish a desired objective. If you’re interested in exploring this technique I strongly suggest you download a self-hypnosis MP3 audio called “Appetite Zapper”. It will step you through the process of taking complete control of food cravings:

Appetite Zapper MP3: http://weight-loss.wendi.com

The mind is amazing but it just doesn’t come with a user’s manual. Most of the time it works pretty well on autopilot so we rarely learn to pop the hood and explore its full potential. That’s a shame because most of what we want in life — success, happiness, health, good relationships, the satisfaction of achievement — these things are all within our reach and the only thing holding us back is, you guessed it, a string and a stick.

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Weight Loss

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I had been overweight my entire life. I have tried to changed my live as well and now I’m successful. What I have been done ? It’s began 3 years ago. I have changed my thinking on my life. I stopped to use my favorite sentence that tomorrow I’ll do something about my weight and I became aware that this is my last chance to change my visage.

Here is why we gain weight and my suggestion to reverse it

When we are nervous, we eat. Don’t tense. When we celebrate something with friends, we eat. Let’s celebrate in temperance. When we watch TV, what do we do ? We eat and eat. Hard nut to crack ? Once we sad, we eat When we see to smoke somebody, we take something to eat We need to ask ourselves some questions that may help solve a problem:

I thought about loss weight but then I didn’t. Why does this happen? ? Mostly it’s because you really do want to eat the sweet. Do I really need this cookie/cake/ice cream right now or am I pacifying something that is not going right for me, right now. What in my life would I like to change, right now? Why do I want to change it? What will these changes bring about, either now or in the near future It’s always easier to put weight loss off for one more day.

People who have successfully achieved their ideal weight and better health without dieting report the following success strategies :

They made a commitment to changing habits long-term vs. just losing weight They became educated about sound nutrition principles They learned to cope with emotions and stress without food They consciously eat when their hungry and stop when their full They shift the focus from “looking good” to honoring their health and well-being They learn to adjust portions or food intake to match activity level They don’t sabotage themselves, when they blow it They seek ongoing support as needed to stay motivated For me when I’m busy and trying to get a lot of work done and something stumps me or requires extra thought, my tendency is to want to take a break and get something to chew on. That might be true for you too. I haven’t worked directly on the anxious feelings themselves, just the end result of wanting to eat something. Every time I’ve tried it, I’ve ended up not wanting what I was going to eat in the first place so personally I’d say it is very effective.

More at:http://www.phentermine-xenical-4you.com


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The Chronic Search For Weight Loss And Exercise Equipment

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

In our society, thin and healthy people are considered to achieve more, be more social, and even provide better incomes. One recent study found that obese women made an average of two thousand dollars less every year than their skinny counterparts. This struggle to decide whether to accept oneself as she is or to move toward making different choices and hoping for a different outcome often lands women on the roller coaster search for bigger and better weight loss and health equipment.

Whether or not we agree with societys views, which are certainly slanted, many of us do have to take our health into consideration. Women who weight twenty pounds or more than their ideal weight are likely to start having associated health problems. This can include high cholesterol, blood sugar problems, circulations problems, and of course, social problems. Without giving into societys demand for a mother of five children to still be able to slip into a size four dress, we need to consider as women, what is best for our bodies and emotional health.

Despite the fact that women are reticent to admit it, the claims of loving their heavily overweight body is usually more of a indication that they resent societys desire to change them rather than the fact that they are truly happy in their body. This is more than reasonable. There is no one on this earth that can decide what is better for your body than you. There is no one on this earth that can claim your right to eat, to be healthy, or to be unhealthy, if you so choose. These decisions are your decisions.

When trying to determine better habits while resisting the over marketing of a womans body, many people feel that the best thing for them is an improved diet and regular exercise. When this attitude is tempered with what falls off during the process is good but theres no pressure to maintain a small little figure and a zero gravity weight.

Changing to healthy eating habits and purchasing some weight loss equipment is often done in the privacy of ones own home. This can be a good thing for those who feel by having at home, they will use it. Many women dont feel they have time to go to the gym and would rather exercise at home without eyes that feel rather judgmental peering in at them. Exercise equipment for the home can be expensive. Almost everyone finds it is more cost effective to simply join a gym.

If youre looking to purchase at home equipment, consider carefully what types of equipment youre more willing to stick with. This can be difficult for someone who was never interested in sports as a kid and never had a burning desire to sweat or to learn something new like kick boxing. Some people do better with a machine that is easy to use while others like the idea of a guided video. Video and DVD workout programs are one of the fastest selling items on the internet. This is because people do actually tend to use them and they also begin to outgrow them. Some people view outgrowing a fitness video as a negative, but I think its a positive. If you purchase a workout DVD and you find within two months you need to order something more demanding, this means that you have made good physical progress and that you should be proud of yourself. There is no one workout DVD on the market today that will allow you to work out continuously without ever stepping up to a new and more challenging DVD. Celebrate those moments rather than being discouraged by them.

Be wary of any workout equipment that claims you dont have to do anything. Suits that you wear, belts that you strap on, and the like are not really going to give you the benefits of a workout. Your heart and lungs need the exercise as much as your waistline. Its not about getting skinny, remember. Its about maintaining a better level of overall health.

Dont be too hard on yourself if you find that you need to switch athletic equipment, DVD styles, or even bring in something completely new from time to time. If working out and sweating isnt an enjoyable experience, youre not going to stick with it or youre going to learn to resent being physically active. Allow for change and allow for some experimentation. This will help lead you down the road to happy and healthy weight loss, a stronger heart, and most likely, fewer health problems than youve had in a long time.

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